Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys! I know it's late i'm sorry :( anyway i'm just gonna say few words with extra pict. So every christmas since 2009, our first grade in High School aka St.Louis 1, we always exchange gifts. It's like our tradition dan semoga sampai tahun-tahun berikutnya kesampaian berhubung dengan teman-teman kami yang sekolah abroad.
Wraping gift by : Ines Gedalia

On January 8th we met at school and we already planed to exchange gifts. Pada awalnya kita ikut misa as usual, after that kita kumpul di kantin perpus, terus blacky mina yang menjadi ketua pengumpul kado harus mengambil kado-kado kita yang ada dikelasnya dia. Me helped her to brought the gifts downstairs because kantin perpus ada dibawah dan kelas dia ada dilantai 3. Setelah naik, ternyata kelas dikunci (damn man!) akhirnya kita turun lagi nyari pengurus sekolah untuk bukain pintu kelas. OMG! Setelah turun ternyata pengurus kuncinya gak tau ada dimana, setelah tanya sini dan situ kita nyerah (we were exhausted, man). And then we met our other friends and we told them to find the schoolkeeper. Dan finally they found him and we can open the gifts. (Yay!)
These are our gifts <3

Then we went crazy by opening the wrapping gift that they made with sooo many newspapers. Here's the pict of us <3

Elvina & her blue-cat-money-bank. Cute cat <3 

Dessica and brown 500-600ml bottle

This is very unique. Chen and swan lake crystal puzzle

DC and bathroom hanger. Show us your "it" face DC.
Itit and cutie-pink-pooh-towel

Mike C, Toblerone Chocolate, Lock&Lock bottle. What's with that face, man?

OMG <3 This is imf's boyfriend. Erwin & red-snoopy-glass. 
Benita & cute-brown-bear-rillakuma. My eyes looks really swollen there :(

Astrid & black box. it's actually a electronic lamp.

Nyaks and ultra milk strawberry, also tupperware. Psst, inside the tupperware is 10k 
SANIA & Instax mini (polaroid's refill). 

Blacky Mina aka Mintem, 30k and Sinlui's brown envelope. Wonder where she got that.

Stefani-Nganjuk girl & photo album

Daddy RB & 50k money. OMG

Ines Gedal the lucky girl who got her gift from Erwin :(
Itu adalah gelas dan tempat menaruh sikat dan pasta gigi. In case if you are wondering

Our shy-little-boy Roland, blue bottle. Smile a little  lonely boy!
Actually there's one more pict from our friend Michael Caelo, because of Roland's faux pas (he left his gift on his class and the keykeeper is nowhere to find) I'll post it soon.
That's all. I'll keep you posted, xoxo B

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