「IMF™」is actually the acronym of I'm Freakers. Why Freak? Our story began at our first day at senior high.

That was the first day and our first year, when we were first met each other. At our school, the 10th grader are placed by alphabet. Such as, X-A, X-B and in our year, the alphabet was until N. So imagine how many the classes are. There 14 classes! And we were placed in X-F. Our yell-yell was “Fight-Fight-Fight-O!”

And there, our day started. 1 year together, we created many memories. Laugh and tears. Happy and sad. Our class became so solid because of Michellina Suminto, called as “nyak.” And she created that word. The Freak word for the X-F class.

Even though there are many other word such as “Fabulous, Fashionista, etc” but we chose Freak instead. And yeah, there are so many stupid things we did. Maybe we animate that word too deep. LOL. But yeah, I love this class. Really.

Of course, in our class, we were separated by many little groups. And as usual, in class, we sat next to our close friend. And we chatted to our close friend. The gap in the class were obvious.  If there were assignment to do with groups, we would choose our friend. We didn’t care if the groups were equal or not. We just chose whom we comfortable with. And back then, we were hating each other. We talked behind each other back. But amazingly, we still manage to be nice to each other. Even more, we always hang out every week end. From day to night. Every Saturday. And even though in class we weren’t close to each other, when we hang out, somehow, we became like family. Sharing and talking together. Until know, I don’t know how could that happening.

And so fast, the time passed by. We have to move to 11th grader. We would be separated. Different classes. Different department. Some chose science department, some chose social department. And somehow, unlike the other, in our break time, we still manage to meet each other, gathering. And in week end, if we can, we will hang out together. Just like back then, when we were in 10th grade.

But unlike back then, we start to be honest to each other. Every problems, we share and talk together. We solve it together. Time passes, unlike the other, our friendship from the 10th grade getting more and more solid. While other 10th grade friendship fade, ours not.

And because of that, we created 「IMF™」I'm Freaker When it seems like we would never get close at first, but we weren’t.

「IMF™」, we break the logic” – RB 


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